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Don't fall for deceptive specifications when you buy an Oxygen Concentrator.

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Some people are buying these types of Oxygen Concentrators for providing Oxygen Support to their patients at home. Please don't fall for the deceptive specification details in the description/brochures of these machines.

Under the Oxygen Flow column on the specification chart of these machines, you will find: "1-7 LPM".

This is just a rip off to hoodwink the gullible into believing that these machines can deliver 7LPM of oxygen at Max level.

Yes, this machine might give 7 LPM of O², but only when it's oxygen purity is reduced considerably.

Under the Purity column on its specification sheet, you will find: 90% - 30% which effectively means at 30% purity of O², the machine will deliver a 7 LPM of flow. That is quite understandable.

But 30% of O² purity would mean a death sentence for a pneumonia patient. Oxygen Concentrator should deliver a minimum of 90% purity, whatever be the rate of flow of Oxygen on it . So bigger the LPM, bigger would be the size of O² Concentrator as it's compressors and cylinders would be much bigger in size.

So please don't buy anything without expert advice. If you want to buy an Oxygen Concentrator, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We believe we can guide you better.

For more information on buying, use and maintenance of Oxygen Concentrators follow this link:

Thank you.

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