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Humanity first!

"By reaching out to us, you have strengthened our belief in Kashmir's brotherhood. These are not just food kits, but love parcels. Wahe' Guru be pleased with you all," said, a Sikh brother after receiving a Food Kit from SRO volunteers. Such words encourage us to do more and nourish our brotherhood with love and care. We have distributed food kits to many Sikh and Hindu families in Srinagar. Our faith ordains us to take care of the poor and needy irrespective of their religion. Our only criteria is humanity. Moreover, let us all thank our generous donors who come from different faiths. If you would like this humanity and brotherhood to reach more and more people, please donate here. Social Reform Organisation J&K Bank, Bazar Batamaloo A/c: 0523010100001155 IFSC: JAKA0BATMOL Thank you, Team #SRO & #COVWJK Email: #NoEidShopping #EidAtHomeSafeQome

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Boya Khan
Boya Khan
May 14, 2020

Allah bless are the man behind all these efforts and progress

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