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Refund Policy

Our refund policies are simple.
1. If you think you have inadvertently transferred your money into our account, inform us within 3 (three) days of the transfer. We shall try to refund your amount immediately.
2. In case you do not seek refund for 3 working days, and ask us for the refunds within 15 days of the transfer, we might take some time to get back to you with your refunds.
3. No refund request would be entertained after 15 days of the deposit.
4. Crowdfunding Appeals for Patients, are not eligible for refunds. Money collected in crowdfunding are routed to ther reciepients as and when the goal amount or timeline is reached. 
5. Zakaat and Sadaqat amounts are also not eligible for the refund unless you convince us that the transaction was done by mistake.

For all refund related issue call us at 18001022146 / IVR 5 or mail us at:


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