Respected Friends,

Please pay your attention to the following. This is very important.

Yesterday, a non - resident COVID positive patient expired in a Srinagar hospital due to brain hemorrhage. Deceased, as we were told was putting up in an uptown Srinagar locality for many years. When his locality members were contacted by the hospital staff for managing his burial in the local community burial ground, it is alleged that community members out rightly rejected to bury the deceased in their local graveyard. Subsequently, a Facebook post by one of the senior Doctors was published with an appeal for local Social Work Organisations, to facilitate the burial of the deceased. A Local Social Work Organisation took the initiative and agreed to bury the deceased at a graveyard, land for which was purchased by the Organisation a few years back. The Hospital administration was informed about Organisation’s intent and was accordingly requested to transport the corpse in an ambulance accompanied by some hospital officials.

In the meanwhile, digging work of the grave was undertaken by some of the senior members of the Organisation themselves under proper COVID procedural guidelines. The grave was ready by 8 PM and the coffin reached the burial ground at around 10 PM. The corpse was accompanied by some people who were perhaps friends and colleagues of the deceased.

Volunteers tried to down the corpse into the grave immediately but could not do it due to some issues with the wooden coffin. As volunteers were on the job, residents came to the graveyard site and created a raucous. They were wary of COVID deceased getting buried in the