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Donate Plasma for critical COVID19 patients and save precious lives


How is blood plasma turned into an infection-fighting drug?


Patients who have recovered from the disease have permanent antibodies generated by the immune system floating in their blood plasma, the liquid component of blood. To turn that into a drug, the plasma is harvested, tested for safety, and purified to isolate those protective antibodies. When injected into a new patient, the “plasma-derived therapy” — also known as convalescent plasma — provides “passive immunity” until the patient’s immune system can generate its own antibodies.


You are atleast 17 years old and weigh atleast 50 Kgs. 

In good health. You generally feel well even if you are treated for a chronic health condition. View plasma compatibility groupings.

Have prior, verified diagnosis of COVID19, but are now symptom free and fully recovered since more than 10 days.

We at Coronavirus Watch - J&K and SRO have started the "Plasma Help" campaign wherein we help patients locate plasma donors and facilitate plasma donors in making the plasma donation process smooth for them. We provide free transportation and meals to plasma donors. We receive scores of plasma related SOS on our social media handles and "Plasma Donors - Kashmir" WhatsApp group. If you wish to donate or are in search of Plasma for your ailing family member or friend, you can register your preference here. Our donor database gets constantly updated with new donors. Our help will reach you positively as soon as possible.

Important: We hereby, declare that all the private information provided by COVID Patients and Plasma Donors here on this space, is treated as "Confidential" by us and is not shared by us on any Public Platform or Social Media. We also do not share any information with the Press, NGOs, or Individuals. We only forward the requisite information to the intended target after your due consent. We treat individual privacy with the utmost care. Security of the data on this website has been taken care of, by our third-party backend service providers on their overseas servers.

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Plasma WhatsApp Helpline

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