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What started as a localized destitute-addressing trust back in 2004 has come of age today with the emergence of the full-fledged crisis-management body. A brainchild of Srinagar Samaritans, the Social Reforms Organisation, Kashmir (SRO-Kashmir) eventually got many patrons making it a pan-Kashmir welfare body. And this resolve is already achieving its objective of helping the needy and those caught in critical situations. Before becoming a household name, the 17-year journey of the NGO touched countless lives in the valley. From giving succour to the 2005-quake hit populace to spearheading relief and rehabilitation works during the 2014 deluge, the NGO has always led from the front during various crises.

Come the viral spring of 2020, the NGO had become one of the reliable alternatives for the lockdown-ridden society. The joining of well-meaning people only surged its ranks and made it a countable welfare body. Attending the critical operations, especially during the midnight hours made hope amid despair for Kashmiris caught in an emergency. Those running the operations had already sensed the Covid calamity and built the desirable response with the help of experts. Living up to the adage—“tough times determine character”—SRO KASHMIR never lowered its guard in tackling the warlike situation. Mobilizing men and machinery saved several people caught in critical situations in the valley. Initiatives like “Food for Poor” and “Oxygen Kashmir” became the most needed initiatives during the tough times. Our organization has more than 250 Oxygen Concentrators and 700 high flow oxygen cylinders in rotation. We dispense vital oxygen support equipment to patients under treatment at home & hospitals, thus relieving a sizable burden on Hospitals in Kashmir. We have 45 NIV machines (BiPAP & CPAP) which are helping many people to recover from serious pulmonary ailments. At any given point in time, presently more than 150 patients are on our Oxygen Support. During the peak of the COVID Pandemic more than 400 patients used to be on SRO's "OXYGEN KASHMIR" support per day. Our Ambulances cover hundreds of Kilometres daily in ferrying patients To & Fro, all FREE of cost. Distribution of around 6000 food kits good enough for the full month for a family of 5 among 5000 poor families whose headmen have either been rendered jobless in the last more than two years or are battling perpetual poverty has made our NGO part of the larger destitution management system in Kashmir.

Today, with the support of the people, SRO Kashmir has become a trustworthy name in Kashmir, which remains just a phone call away after establishing a Toll-Free number: 18001022146. We receive dozens of daily calls on our Toll-Free Line & Mobile phones. During the peak of the Pandemic, we used to receive more than 700 daily calls on our Helpline numbers and mobile phones. Saving breaths remained one of the top priorities of the organisation during the second and third viral waves.

To continue these efforts, the NGO has touched many milestones and is setting new statistical records and goals. And to make its operations and functions transparent, the welfare body keeps sharing its audit report with the public on its social media platforms, where it is tackling emergency situations and SOS with sense and sensibility.

With the inclusion of professionals, the body has only become a beacon of hope during tough times.

Clearly, the journey from SRO Srinagar to SRO Kashmir has already come a long way.

Our Initiatives:

  1. Oxygen-Kashmir (Reached out to COVID & COPD 12000 Patients in 2 Years)

  2. Food for Poor (Catered to 5000 families with Food Kits)

  3. Warmth Kashmir (Provided 1000 Free Winter Kits comprising of Mink Blankets, Water Bottles & Warm Clothes to the poor in the last 2 years)

  4. Nursing-Kashmir

  5. Palliative Care (Provided Hospital Beds, Automatic Injection Pumps, Inflatable Mattresses etc. to more than 200 Patients in 2 Years)

  6. Able-Kashmir (Empowering people with disabilities with supportive aids, helped 200 people)

  7. Healing Kashmir (Financial Support for the expensive medical treatment to people with constrained finances. Disbursed Rs. 15 Lacs (Approximately) to the hospitalised poor patients: January 2021 to December 2021 )

  8. Be Aware-Kashmir (Awareness Programs)

Our Units:

  1. Oxygen

  2. Disaster Management

  3. Nursing and Medical Care

  4. Ambulance

  5. Sanitization and Protection Gears

  6. Burials for non-local & unclaimed COVID victims.

  7. Free Healthcare Centre

  8. Palliative Care

  9. Awareness and Education

  10. Empowerment & Training



Most of your donations and contributions come in the month of Ramadan. Our financial resources are drying up very fast and we do not receive much this Ramadan. We understand, that the economic condition of our people is not good. But we still however hope, those who always helped us with their generous Donations / Sadaqat / Zakaat will not abandon the Organisation mid-way. We have a lot of Programs and Initiatives in the works. We expect all of our passive volunteers and well-wishers to again come forward and help us raise funds and save a collective asset SRO KASHMIR from falling into "Tangdasti". We are looking forward to your help.


My family will forever be indebted to the support shown by team SRO. It’s not one member but the entire family that’s breathing again. Thank you, team SRO.”

- Pneumonia patient who received an Oxygen Concentrator from SRO.


" We don't know how to thank you for the efforts your whole team has put in to arrange a Plasma donor for my ailing brother. Your selfless service has reinforced our faith in Humanity"

- A sister who had been seeking Plasma for her brother.

Thanks for helping me with one BiPAP machine for 12 days in November 2020 which was sought by doctors at SMHS Hospital as the last resort and it helped in saving a patient who docs considered impossible to save as 90% of lungs were affected but Allah is sufficient and the patient is healthy now. Thanks, SRO thanks docs At SMHS

Sheikh Arshad - Family member of a COVID patient.

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Oxygen Concentrator: Guide to buy and use it at Home.
Oxygen Concentrator is an electronic device that provides Oxygen to the patients by concentrating room air (ambient air) into pure oxygen.

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