Respected Brothers and Sisters,

Please take few minutes out of your busy schedule and pay attention to the following:

Along with the COVID pandemic, Kashmir is also staring at the "HUNGER EPIDEMIC". Last year we had about 1700 underprivileged families from Srinagar & Budgam in our SRO Database. This year's list has swelled up to more than 2500.

Other NGOs have their own databases. Those too are big and expanding with every passing day.

A few days ago, We volunteered and went into the interiors of the city to assess the situation.

In one such locality: Few kids, visibly weak and pale were sitting on an abandoned concrete pipe. They were playing with pebbles. One of our volunteers initiated a friendly chat with them. After few minutes of talking, he found pain and gloom in them. Some were being taken care of by relatives as their fathers had gone jobless, and some were struggling to find appropriate words to describe their situation. He left his phone number with them and told them to call, in case they would need anything.

A few hours later he received calls from many among them. They were like, "Uncle, if possible could you send some ration to us. Our parents struggle a lot to keep kitchens running".

This broke us all emotionally.

He had left phone numbers only with the hope that kids would call for books or candies. He did not imagine they would be asking for the food to fill their bellies.

Whenever our organization comes up with appeals for donations, we feel very shy about it. We know, everyone is fighting his and her own battle with the situation. We know, how stressful everyone has gone with finances. We know how many families have drowned in the ditch of penury. We prefer to manage things on our own, as much as possible. We try to reach out to our permanent donors instead of going public with our appeals.

But, the heart-wrenching economic condition of our daily wage earners is too big for our limited permanent donors to take care of. We have people waiting for "Food Hampers" in all districts. From North to South, from East to West.

We have hit a wall. We fear we might be failing our poor. We shudder, at the thought of tough accountability coming our way on the day of judgment.

We have no one but you to look up to.

SRO-Kashmir has taken a pledge to cater to 5000 families with food assistance. Insha'Allah. It is a Herculean task, we know. It involves huge spending. ₹1 Crore to be precise.

Allah Kareem!

If you wish to contribute, please do it on priority.





ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0523010100001155




ACCOUNT NUMBER: 50200052376500

IFSC: HDFC0002559

Thank you,

Team SRO - Kashmir


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My family will forever be indebted to the support shown by team SRO. It’s not one member but the entire family that’s breathing again. Thank you, team SRO.”

- Pneumonia patient who received an Oxygen Concentrator from SRO.


" We don't know how to thank you for the efforts your whole team has put in to arrange a Plasma donor for my ailing brother. Your selfless service has reinforced our faith in Humanity"

- A sister who had been seeking Plasma for her brother.

Thanks for helping me with one BiPAP machine for 12 days in November 2020 which was sought by doctors at SMHS Hospital as the last resort and it helped in saving a patient who docs considered impossible to save as 90% of lungs were affected but Allah is sufficient and the patient is healthy now. Thanks, SRO thanks docs At SMHS

Sheikh Arshad - Family member of a COVID patient.