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The SRO Kashmir Foundation, initially a small trust focused on local needs, has matured into a comprehensive crisis-management organization. Originating from the compassionate efforts of the Srinagar Samaritans, it has garnered widespread support, evolving into a welfare entity that spans the entire region of Kashmir. Its dedication to aiding those in distress and the impoverished has been realized. Over its 17-year history, the NGO has profoundly impacted the community, providing relief to those affected by the 2005 earthquake and leading recovery efforts during the 2014 floods.

With the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the NGO swiftly became a pillar of support for the community under lockdown. The influx of altruistic individuals bolstered its capacity, establishing it as a prominent welfare organization. Its commitment to urgent care, particularly during nocturnal hours, offered a glimmer of hope to those facing emergencies. Anticipating the COVID-19 crisis, the team, with expert guidance, formulated an effective response strategy. Embodying the principle that adversity reveals true character, SRO Kashmir remained vigilant in confronting the pandemic’s challenges. By mobilizing resources and personnel, the NGO was instrumental in rescuing numerous individuals from dire circumstances. Initiatives like “Food for Poor” and “Oxygen Kashmir” emerged as critical lifelines during these difficult times. The organization manages an extensive inventory of over 275 oxygen concentrators and 750 high-flow oxygen cylinders, alongside 65 NIV machines (BiPAP & CPAP), Automatic Infusion Machines, State-of-the-art "Cough Assist" Machines for CA patients, Battery powered Portable Oxygen Concentrators, High Flow Nasal Cannula Equipment, Holter Monitoring Machines, ECG Machines, Adjustable Hospital Beds, Wheel Chairs, Inflatable Mattrasses and host of other essential equipment, apparatuses, implements and paraphernalia, providing essential support to patients at home and in hospitals, thereby alleviating the strain on local healthcare facilities. Currently, more than 150 patients benefit from the NGO’s oxygen support, with this number having exceeded 400 daily during the pandemic’s peak. The NGO’s ambulances traverse vast distances to transport CKD patients to Dialysis centres, offering this service at no cost. Additionally, the distribution of approximately 6000 food kits to 5000 families in need has integrated the NGO into Kashmir’s broader poverty alleviation framework.

SRO Kashmir has earned the community’s trust, becoming a reliable resource that’s readily accessible via a toll-free number: 18001022146. The organization handles numerous calls daily through this line and mobile phones, with call volumes having surged to over 700 per day during the pandemic’s height. Prioritizing life-saving measures was paramount during the subsequent viral waves.

The NGO continues to set benchmarks and pursue ambitious goals. It maintains transparency by publicly sharing audit reports on social media, showcasing its adept handling of emergencies and urgent requests with both compassion and competence.

The inclusion of professionals has further solidified the organization as a beacon of hope in challenging times.

The transformation from SRO Srinagar to SRO Kashmir marks a significant progression.

Our Initiatives


Oxygen Kashmir

Healing Kashmir

Food for Poor

Aware Kashmir

Warmth Kashmir

Educated Kashmir

Palliative Care 

Disaster Management

Able Kashmir


  • Oxygen Kashmir: In four years, we’ve reached over 17,500 patients with COVID-19, COPD, and Lung Cancer, providing crucial respiratory support.

  • Food for Poor: Since 2020, we’ve nourished 6,000 families with monthly food kits, ensuring their sustenance through challenging times.

  • Warmth Kashmir: We’ve warmed the lives of the needy by distributing 1,200 winter kits, complete with blankets, water bottles, and clothing, in the last four years.

  • Palliative Care: Over 500 patients have benefited from our Palliative Care equipment support in the past four years, enhancing their quality of life.

  • Able-Kashmir: Empowering 250 individuals with disabilities, we’ve provided essential aids to foster independence and well-being.

  • Healing Kashmir: We’ve extended financial support to those facing economic hardships, uplifting lives and nurturing hope.

  • Be Aware-Kashmir: Our public awareness programs have educated many, fostering a community informed about health and safety.

  • Educated Kashmir: We provide School Fees and other education-related expenses to dozens of school-going children every month.

  • Disaster Management: At the vanguard of crisis response, we’ve aided countless families impacted by fires, delivering immediate relief with essentials like utensils, bedding, and food.

  • Fire Prevention: Launching a comprehensive fire safety initiative, we’re bringing awareness and support to Srinagar’s dense neighbourhoods.

  • Blood Donation: With a dynamic volunteer donor team, we’ve achieved an 80% success rate in providing blood donations swiftly, often within four hours of a request.

  • Burials: Managing a community graveyard, we’ve offered dignified burial spaces at no cost, especially for non-local deceased, and our volunteers are always ready to assist in these solemn moments.


Our Units

  1. Oxygen

  2. Disaster Management

  3. Nursing and Medical Care

  4. Ambulance

  5. Sanitization and Protection Gears

  6. Burials for non-local & unclaimed COVID victims.

  7. Free Healthcare Centre

  8. Palliative Care

  9. Awareness and Education

  10. Empowerment & Training





My family will forever be indebted to the support shown by team SRO. It’s not one member but the entire family that’s breathing again. Thank you, team SRO.”

- Pneumonia patient who received an Oxygen Concentrator from SRO.


" We don't know how to thank you for the efforts your whole team has put in to arrange a Plasma donor for my ailing brother. Your selfless service has reinforced our faith in Humanity"

- A sister who had been seeking Plasma for her brother.

Thanks for helping me with one BiPAP machine for 12 days in November 2020 which was sought by doctors at SMHS Hospital as the last resort and it helped in saving a patient who docs considered impossible to save as 90% of lungs were affected but Allah is sufficient and the patient is healthy now. Thanks, SRO thanks docs At SMHS

Sheikh Arshad - Family member of a COVID patient.


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Oxygen Concentrator: Guide to buy and use it at Home.
Oxygen Concentrator is an electronic device that provides Oxygen to the patients by concentrating room air (ambient air) into pure oxygen.

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